Real Estate

Our expertise includes the preparation, notary recording and execution of real property sale and purchase agreements, partition agreements, property development agreements as well as the recording of title and securing or cancelling of attachments or encumbrances.


In particular, we offer the following services (including, in each instance, preparation, notary recording and execution):

  • Real property sale and purchase agreements;
  • Apartment and condominium sale and purchase agreements;
  • Construction contracts (new buildings and renovation of existing structures)
  • Creation of commonhold ownerships;
  • Establishment of mortgages and land charges;
  • Development and attachment of encumbrances; 
  • Establishments of leasehold and hereditary building rights (and corresponding agreements); and
  • Development and establishment of life interests and tenancy rights. 



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Furthermore, we advise and represent our clients – both in and out of court – in regard to successfully enforcing all of their real property related claims, including; 

  • Rescission of real property purchase agreements;
  • Enforcement of claims for damages; and
  • Assertion of usage rights secured by private or public easements.



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