Media Law

Our firm also offers a wide spectrum of legal services in the area of media law. 


As media law regulations involve both private and public aspects of flow of information and communications, the field touches upon areas of such legal disciplines as public administrative law, civil law and criminal law. In a narrower sense, media law is confined to the fundamental areas of corporate media law, civil media law, media employment law and criminal media law.


In our extremely fast-paced media world, oftentimes firms or private individuals are faced with the question of whether the areas in which they are operating are regulated or whether their operations instead fall into the “grey area” category of activities which are not fully regulated.


Our special competence resides in the fact that we are to advise our clients of potential legal implications beforehand and are therefore able to advise them so as to avoid any liability. We of course also defend and protect our clients’ interests in cases where conflicts have already evolved.


Press Law is a sub-sector of media law, which in Germany devolves from the guaranty of freedom of the press contained in Article 5 (1), second sentence, of the German Constitution (GG), and which deals with the legal framework affecting the press


In particular, our focus in media law includ

  • Enforcement and defence of claims involving injunctive relief or notice of correction claims; 
  • Advice in regard to violations of the duty of care or duty to monitor; 
  • Representation, negotiation and drafting of agreements in relation to public distribution and advertising concepts;
  • Advice in the areas of public reply, retractions and the legal duty to provide sufficient imprint or masthead information; and
  • Defence of copyrights and other intellectual property rights.


So if you need legal advice or support, please contact us.

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