Leasing & Tenancy Law and Condominium Ownership

In the area of leasing and tenancy law, we advise small and mid-sized companies, and in particular construction firms, as well as private individuals, in all areas of commercial leasing.


Beginning with contractual negotiations and proceeding all the way through to the termination of a leasing relationship, we advise in all legal areas related to leasing and tenancy laws. Oftentimes, many potential disputes can be avoided beforehand as a result of sound legal advice. Should, however, disputes between landlords and tenants  arise, we provide our clients with sound legal support both in and out of court.


In particular, our areas of expertise include:

  • Enforcement or defence of termination notices (e.g., rental arrears or personal need requirements);
  • Enforcement or defence of claims relating to, for example, removal of defects (such as mould), reduced rent or rent deposits;
  • Advice in regard to questions of utility cost billing, handovers and walk through, and aesthetic repairs; and
  • Advice in regard to commercial leasing and private rental agreements.



In the area of apartment and condominium ownership law, we support owners and property managers in relation to all questions of property law. 


In particular, our focus includes:


  • Advising owners and property management firms regarding property owners meetings (calling to order, conducting and adopting result ions), as well as in regard to parties’ various claims;
  • Challenges and defending against challenges of any orders issued pursuant to the German Property Ownership Act (WEG);
  • Advice in relation to questions of housing assistance, community property versus separate property, maintenance and upkeep, and special usage rights;
  • Development and analysis of declarations of partition, codes, covenants and restrictions and property management agreements.



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