Law of Succession / Testamentary (Wills & Estates) / Life Estates / Corporate Succession

We represent and advise our clients in all areas of domestic wills, trusts and estates laws, as well as in regard to issues of inter vivos succession and the law of corporate succession. Our areas of expertise also include advice, development and execution in regard to each of the following (both in and out of court):

  • Wealth planning prior to inheritance;
  • Gifts;
  • Creation of wills and inheritance contracts;
  • Testamentary disputes;
  • Claims and defence in regard to German compulsory portion laws and additional compulsory portions claims; 
  • Legal guardianships and living wills; and
  • Execution of wills.



On account of the continuing generational shift among the leadership of many German companies, expertly planning the personnel, business, legal and tax aspects in relation to changes in management and ownership has today gained strong importance. In the area of corporate succession, we advise and support our clients in particular in regard to:

  • Issues of inter vivos succession;
  • Planning of corporate succession;
  • Prenuptial and inheritance agreements;
  • Corporate wills;
  • Structuring of family-owned companies;
  • Corporate transformation and restructuring; and 
  • Foundation and legal handling of trusts and all trust-related issues.



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