Intellectual Property

We advise our clients in all areas of intellectual property law – both in and out of court.


The field of intellectual property involves the legal protection of non-physical commercial items such as, in particular, trade marks, copyrights and patents. Such rights allow the owner to allow or to prevent any use by any third parties, as well as to regiment the economic uses of his or her intellectual achievements. Alongside intellectual property, our practice also covers the related fields of antitrust and other anti-competition laws and protection of industrial property rights.


In particular, our expertise covers the following are

  • Advice and representation in the area of patent, utility model and registered design laws, especially in relation to the protection of commercially usable inventions and in regard to regulating the use of legal aesthetic aspects such as form, design and colour;
  • Advice and representation in regard to defending or enforcing trademark related claims as well as in regard to the establishment of trademarks;
  • Advice in regard to the protection of commercial designations, like corporate marks, designs and work titles;
  • Advice in regard to the protection of proprietary data and corporate and trade secrets;
  • Advising and representing industry associations and advocacy groups in enforcing or defending against competition law injunctions and cease and desist orders in the legal framework of the German Unfair Competition Act (UWG); and
  • Advice and representation related to the enforcement of, or defence against, patent and violation of rights claims involving artists, film and photographic images and audio recordings, as well as rights to one’s own name and image.



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