Family Law

We advise and represent our clients in all family law related matters, including providing solutions in regard to all testamentary and tax consequences.


In particular, the Dr. Staubach law firm possesses family law expertise in the areas of:

  • Advice and conception of contracts in relation to pre-nuptial or divorce agreements;
  • Advice in relation to separation and (domestic and international) divorce issues;
  • Spousal alimony (during legal separation and after final divorce) and support payments for non-married mothers and fathers, for minor and adult children, as well as for the elderly in care facilities; 

  Community property issues

  • including due compensation for the increase in the value of assets and other asset-related disputes;
  • Legal issues in relation to non-marital life partnerships and same sex unions;
  • Disputes involving paternity determinations; and 
  • Custody and visitation rights.


Legal separation involves wide-ranging consequences for spouses and their children, as well as for relatives and other affected parties. As a result of the many different pressing issues that arise as part of family law disputes, sound and swift advice is necessary.


Additionally, to help prevent future disputes before they happen, we gladly serve our clients in relation to arranging pre-nuptial or other marriage-related agreements tailored to meet their individual needs.



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