Employment & Labour Law

We advise our clients in all matters of domestic and international employment and labour law, including both individual and collective labour law matters as well as all related fields such as social insurance and entitlement laws, employee immigration status, corporate matters and insolvency and bankruptcy laws.


In particular, our expertise includ

  • Advising and development of executive level employment agreements (directors, officers & management), staff employment agreements, works’ council agreements and employee participation programmes (e.g. stock options, etc.); 
  • Counselling and negotiations in regard to dismissals, termination or other conclusion of employment relationships, in particular in relation to executive employment agreements (management and directors); 
  • Litigation in regard to employment actions including representation in false dismissal actions before all German courts up to and including the German Federal Labour Court; 
  • Counselling in regard to issues of individual or collective wage disputes, overtime compensation, and behaviour related disciplinary actions;
  • Advising in regard to collective bargaining disputes with employee representatives, works’ councils and unions in relation to works’ council or union negotiated agreements, balancing of interests, social plans or collective bargaining agreements; 
  • Advice and representation in regard to transfers of ownership, restructuring, changes in management, outsourcing; 
  • Advising in the construction, development, amendment and transfer of company pension plans; and 
  • Counselling in relation to acquiring work and residency permits. 


Together with our international colleagues, we can coordinate the employment of staff on a worldwide basis, as well as the implementation of employment law agreements like stock option plans or cross border restructuring. As part of our counselling, we identify potential risks and offer alternative solutions at the outset so as to avoid expensive and time-consuming labour litigation. 



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