Construction & Architecture

We possess exceptional expertise in both the area of private building and architecture law as well as in the field of public construction.


The focus of our practice in the areas of construction, architecture and building law includes:

  • Advice in regard to construction projects;
  • Conception of contracts for private (German VOB + BGB) and commercial builders (for both principals and contractors); 
  • Contract and contract follow-up management;
  • Legal disputes in relation to all varieties of disruptions in the construction process, including construction defects’ claims; 
  • Litigation and arbitration in relation to issues of building and construction; 
  • Defence against/Enforcement of wage and compensation claims for contractors and subcontractors;
  • Questions of liability and damages, in particular in regard to defending against or enforcing damages claims related to architectural services agreements; and
  • Defence against/Enforcement of compensation claims in relation to architects’ contracts.



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Expertise in public construction Law

Our expertise in public construction law includes:

  • Building permits and zoning and development procedures; and
  • Building code issues.



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