Commercial & Corporate Law

We represent companies and private individuals in both areas of commercial and corporate law, both in and out of court. Alongside contract development and formation (including articles of association and other formative company documents), our practice includes representing our clients’ interests in relation to shareholder issues, such as shareholder disputes before all German courts.


In particular, our focus include counselling and representation in regard to:

  • Shareholder agreements;
  • Shareholder resolutions and procedures challenging shareholder resolutions;
  • Shareholder disputes;
  • The formation, transformation, merger, partition, amalgamation or liquidation of companies;
  • The sale and purchase of companies and related transactions;
  • Development and analysis of company documents (articles of association, by-laws, etc.) for all German and European corporate forms;
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization;
  • The law of sales and distribution;
  • Legal issues attaching to corporate groups; and 
  • Questions of commercial law, in particular in regard to issues of commercial purchasing and supply, commissions, freight and inventory, both in regard to international commerce and specific domestic issues.


With many years of highest level domestic and international commercial and corporate law experience, our team is at your service to provide swift and sound solutions.



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